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Laura Dilimetin Departs Post As Brooklyn, NY Assistant District Attorney

Review written by: GEORGE BERNARD

Laura Dilimetin"Laura is a formidable force in the courtroom," comments Anthony K. Dilimetin of his daughter, Laura, who departs the Brooklyn District Attorney's office to join her dad's prestigious Fifth Avenue law firm. "Her record the last three years as an Assistant D.A. has been meritorious! She's tried cases involving murder, rape, assault ... and her conviction rate was an astounding ninety-five percent!"

Anthony K. Dilimetin, was recently characterized as a "powerhouse attorney" by The New York Post. Now, at the DILIMETIN & DILIMETIN full-service law firm, Laura will work with her dad in cases involving litigation, criminal defence, real estate closings, defamation, negligence, among other areas. Laura also vows that she'll bring the ferocity she once harnessed in the Brooklyn D.A.'s office, and unleash it in her new work. "Better watch out!" laughs Tony. "You don't want to be the opposition when Laura's around. Definitely not!"

Anthony K. Dilimetin's office has represented some of the largest travel companies in the world: Neckerman in Germany, Clarkson in England. American Family Life Assurance Co. (AFLAC), the Anthony Dilimetinworld's largest carrier of cancer insurance, is another. Other legal representation includes a portion of the U.S. Postal Workers, race track employees at Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga, leading manufacturers of women's high fashion clothing and Papapazzo photographers Ron Galella and Paul Schmulbach, to name a few. Anthony K. Dilimetin, a veritable David to the Goliath law firms, has, on several occasions, single-handily defeated many of the giants of the legal community. "They sorely underestimated my tenacity and determination," recalls Tony. More important, they were up against a real tough dude who happens to be Armenian. "We're great fighters for our clients," he says. Trustworthy, honorable and highly efficient are significant credentials also associated with Dilimetin's team outstanding qualifications.

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